World Flight 2009 Extreme Approaches - April 2009 - May 2009


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World Flight 2009 Extreme Approaches, organized by Drzewiecki Design Air Transport in cooperation with other virtual airlines, is a global event taking place on VATSIM network in April and May 2009. The whole project consists of 27 main flights and 18 extra flights around the world, that makes 45 flights in total. Pilots participating in the event will visit 7 continents, 25 countries and 41 airports. All airports have exceptional approaches - technically demanding, non-standard and famously dangerous. The experience you get during World Flight 2009 Extreme Approaches will change your flight simulator flying forever. Plese keep in mind that this is not a beginners' event. Pilot's basic experience and knowledge is required as well as all sceneries installed, charts obtained and RNAV equipment in your aircraft with AIRAC cycle operating. Only aircrafts with a range greater than 3300 nautical miles can fly with us as there are some long legs over an ocean with no refueling possibility. No booking is required - wherever your home base is located, you can join our group any time for as many legs as you wish. For virtual airlines there is an option of cooperating with Drzewiecki Design Air Transport during World Flight 2009 Extreme Approaches event. Details are listed below.





The main route consisted of 27 flights is divided into 4 parts. There are going to be longer stops in the main route at some locations. During those stops extra routes are provided. Look at the pictures below showing Earth with all routes. Red line indicates the main route, green lines the extra routes. Extra routes does not have more than 4 legs. Cooperating airlines are welcome but not obligated to participate in extra flights.


  First airport: First date: Last airport: Last date: Main flights: Extra flights:
Part 1 EPWA Warsaw, Poland 10 April 2009 MMMX Mexico City, Mexico 3 May 2009 10 10
Part 2 MMMX Mexico City, Mexico 4 May 2009 NTMN Hiva Oa, French Polynesia 15 May 2009 8 4
Part 3 NTMN Hiva Oa, French Polynesia 16 May 2009 YPPH Perth, Australia 22 May 2009 3 4
Part 4 YPPH Perth, Australia 23 May 2009 EPWA Warsaw, Poland 31 May 2009 6 0




All important information about the event are accessible from the upper menu:


About - the page you are looking at right now. General information about our event

  Pics & Vids   - after each flight some photos and/or videos will be placed here. Your plane's picture might be there too!






Cooperation is very easy and is pointed to promote good virtual airlines. Cooperating airline is required to:

  • participate in at least one part of our main route on dates and at time UTC as in our flightplan with possible 1 hour difference for every flight and 1 day difference for one leg in total.

  • place the banner of our event on airline's website (please contact us for details) and allow us putting a hyperlinked picture with logo of cooperating airline on our event's home page, below "in cooperating with:".

  • indicate, which of their aircraft is participating in the event and use the same callsign all the time during the event

  • write "WF2009EA" in the "remarks" section of a filed flightplan

Cooperating airline is allowed to:

  • skip extra flights

  • send different pilots for different legs

Breaking one of the required rules will cause deleting an airline's logo from our website with no other consequences. All other logos and links will remain on this website and will not be removed.





Completing the whole route of World Flight 2009 Extreme Approaches event (described below) will change your flight simulator flying forever, even if you have a large experience as a virtual pilot. Our route includes many of the most dangerous and difficult airports in the worls. You need to be prepared for all those "strange" approaches and be able to make fast decisions in case something goes wrong.

The way of participation is the same as in many other events. There is nothing like a booking system so you can simply join us for as many legs as you wish, depending on your current location and your free time. Of course we welcome you to join us for the whole route or at least for one part of the route. Here are few steps to join us succesfully:

  • See the plan below - you will find a clear visualizations of every part of our route and dates of departures from each airport

  • Select an airport where you can join us. Joining for at least one part of the route will be appreciated

  • Navigate to the upper menu and click "Flightplan" - the page with a detailed flightplan will open

  • Find a flight you are interested in and download required charts and sceneries

  • Select a plane you will fly. If you are planning to join us for several legs, we kindly ask you to use the same plane and the same callsign

  • Install a scenery and check it! You should study your charts to make sure you will not be confused later during a flight

  • Recheck the flightplan info up to 24 hours prior to departure. Check the proposed route, check NOTAMs and weather forcast

This is all you need to do for every standard event, so actually there is nothing special in the briefing. Remember that every pilot is responsable for himself! There is no excuse if you will not be able to get charts for some reason or an appropriate scenery and then make a mess by using a default airports or having no idea about some local procedures. And after all this don't forget to have fun! Our unofficial voice frequency for the whole event is 122.550. Welcome!





Stage number:

Airport ICAO: Departure city: Date of departure:
1-1/0 EPWA Warsaw 10 April 2009
2-1/0 EGLC London 11 April 2009
3-1/0 BGBW Narsarsuaq 12 April 2009
3-1/4 UEEE Jakutsk 13 April 2009
3-2/4 UOOO Norilsk 14 April 2009
3-3/4 UNKL Krasnoyarsk 15 April 2009
3-4/4 UIII Irkutsk 16 April 2009
4-1/0 UEEE Jakutsk 17 April 2009
5-1/0 UHPP Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 18 April 2009
6-1/0 PHNL Honolulu 19 April 2009
6-1/4 PANC Anchorage 20 April 2009
6-2/4 PAFA Fairbanks 21 April 2009
6-3/4 PABT Bettles 22 April 2009
6-4/4 CYDA Dawson 25 April 2009
7-1/0 PANC Anchorage 26 April 2009
8-1/0 PAJN Juneau 29 April 2009
9-1/0 CYVR Vancouver 30 April 2009
9-1/2 KASE Aspen 1 May 2009
9-2/2 KGCN Grand Canyon 2 May 2009
10-1/0 KASE Aspen 3 May 2009
Please check the detailed flightplan HERE


Stage number:

Airport ICAO: Departure city: Date of departure:
11-1/0 MMMX Mexico City 4 May 2009
12-1/0 MHTG Tegucigalpa 5 May 2009
12-1/4 TNCM Saint Maarten 6 May 2009
12-2/4 TXKF Bermuda 7 May 2009
12-3/4 SVMI Caracas 8 May 2009
12-4/4 TBPB Barbados 9 May 2009
13-1/0 TNCM Saint Maarten 10 May 2009
14-1/0 SBSP Sao Paulo 11 May 2009
15-1/0 SABE Buenos Aires 12 May 2009
16-1/0 SCEL Santiago 13 May 2009
17-1/0 SPSO Pisco 14 May 2009
18-1/0 SEGS Baltra 15 May 2009

Please check the detailed flightplan HERE


Stage number:

Airport ICAO: Departure city: Date of departure:
19-1/0 NTMN Hiva Oa 16 May 2009
20-1/0 NZQN Queenstown 17 May 2009
21-1/0 YWKS Wilkins 18 May 2009
21-1/4 YPPH Perth 19 May 2009
21-2/4 YSSY Sydney 20 May 2009
21-3/4 YBMC Maroochydore 21 May 2009
21-4/4 YAYE Ayers Rock 22 May 2009

Please check the detailed flightplan HERE


Stage number: Airport ICAO: Departure city: Date of departure:
22-1/0 YPPH Perth 23 May 2009
23-1/0 FIMP Mauritius 24 May 2009
24-1/0 FMMI Antananarivo 25 May 2009
25-1/0 FAJS Johannesburg 26 May 2009
26-1/0 FZAA Kinshasa 27 May 2009
27-1/0 DAAG El-Jazair 31 May 2009

Please check the detailed flightplan HERE