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Simulator Center

Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator



Simulator Center operates the Boeing 737-800 fixed base entertainment simulator located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic. This Location is a big benefit for aviations fans and possible customers from the neighbouring countries Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary because of the short distances to the borders and that means that big cities like Vienna (A), Brno (CZ) or Gyor (HU) are accesible in 30 min to max 1,5 hour.

The simulation software allows to simulate allmost every thinkable sitation which can occure in real flight and it complies a lot of requirements prescribed by JAR-STD 3A.


Simulator centrum is focused on two different market segments - professional (aviation students and professional pilots) and public. For public there is the possibility to rent hours for funny flying or they can book directly a predefined adventure for example to be the captain of an airliner for one flight or sightseeing over New York. Pilots can buy preparation, training and refresh courses for example IFR training, or type rating preparation in a short form with a certified IRI(A) instructor.

This simulator allows also to fly with full covered ATC, which is secured by the cooperation with IVAO Slovak division.


Flight hours on the sim can be purchased via their website .


Drzewiecki Design proudly provides software for this station.