Commercial use

In order to use our products on commercial stations a commercial license must be purchased and an agreement must be signed. If these requirements are not met, using our software during commercial operations is not legal. Prices depend on the type of use:

Commercial Entertainment license price per product per station = the price of 1h flight on that station for general customers - usually ~150eur.

Commercial Professional (EASA/FAA certified stations) license price per product per station = 1000eur incl. tax.

Prices may be subject to negotiations and barter agreement can be arranged, depending on what can be offered to us in exchange. Each commercial agreement is constructed individually. To get more information please contact us directly.



Custom orders


Individual orders of customer-defined products or services are possible. Our products may be used for: pilot training on certified stations (up to FTD), ATC training, entertainment commercial flight simulators, game-related industry, educational purposes, military personnel training,  airline advertisement, TV presentations, 3D projects and much more.


For individual quotes please contact us directly.



For the logo in other sizes or in vectors please contact us directly.



Looking for a job?


We are searching for 3D modeling artists, graphic artists, FSX/X-Plane/P3D/MSFS conversion experts. If you have knowledge and experience, consider contacting us. We've got work possibilities and we are looking forward to cooperation. Don't hesitate to send a CV.