Since 2022 Drzewiecki Design owns a Skyleader 600 aircraft with SP-SDRZ registration, used for collecting aerial photo/video resources with several external cameras; capturing on-ground airport details and testing approaches in terms of visual coherence with sim models; fast business travels to „remote” locations; advertisement, marketing, and building brand awareness among aviators and the general public. The aircraft is configured as a cruiser with a high-end avionics suite and Night-VFR certification.


Skyleader 600 is produced by Zall Jihlavan Airplanes s.r.o in Jihlava, Czech Republic. It is an all metal two-seat, low wing constructed aircraft with a trapezoidal wing. The aircraft has a tricycle retractable landing gear and a steerable nose wheel. Skyleaders are designated mainly for recreational flying, pilot training and special operations. The -600 model was introduced in 2010.



  • Dimentions: wingspan 9.9 m / 32 ft 4.5 in , lenght 7.1 m / 23 ft 3.5 in, height 2.46 m / 8 ft; cabin width 128cm / 4th 2 in

  • Powerplant: Rotax 912iS Sport 100HP with direct fuel injection and an electronic engine management unit

  • Propeller: E-Props Glorieuse, constant speed (hydraulic actuator with electronic management)

  • Performance: VNE 265 km/h / 143kts, VS0 61 km/h / 33kts, cruise 200 km/h / 108kts

  • Weight: MTOW 600kg, empty 390kg, max luggage 30kg

  • Fuel: capacity: 120l / 32 US gas, potential endurance 1600km / 860nm, consumption 12-16l/h cruise, 6l/h to keep 1000ft altitude

  • Connectivity: 1st class transponder with dual-ADSB, ADL200 unit for Iridium weather downloads and traffic information, iPad mini cellular

  • Safety: parachute rescue system, EFIS and EMS with individual batteries, backup Kanardia avionics, LEVEL button, satellite connection, traffic information, ELT, triple ADAHRS, quadruple AHRS, manual gear extention mechanism, dual generator + emergency battery switch

Standard equipment:

  • Cabin cover, baggage compartment, electric fowler flaps, parking lock, 4-point safety belts, cockpit ventilation, analog compass, handling bar

Additional equipment:

  • Engine / Prop: Rotax 912iS (fuel injection), thermostat on coolant and oil, E-Props Glorieuse constant speed

  • Avionics: Radio Dynon SV-COM-X83, Dynon SV-INTERCOM-2S, Transponder Dynon SV-XPDR 262 with antenna, Kanardia Horis 80, Kanardia DIGI, Dynon SkyView HDX EFIS/EMS x2, Autopilot for Dynon SkyView + autotrim, Dynon SV-AP-PANEL, Dynon SV-KNOB-PANEL, Dynon SV-KNOB-DIMMER, iPad Mini charger and mount, ADL200 installation, ELT Kannad 406 AF

  • Indicators and lights: 12V USB socket x2, cockpit and instruments panel lights, strobe and position lights, dual 12xLED landing lights

  • Outside design: retractable gear with audio alerts, foil stripes custom design, one-tone RAL 9005 paint

  • Interior: Extra upholstered seats and sidewalls - real leather, headrest, L/R cabin heating, dual color instrument panel (black matt / black gloss)

  • Other: Gallaxy Recovery System (parachute) installation, battery charger, AirSwitch - additional safety box for RG, BERINGER brakes, multifunctional G5/G5 control sticks

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