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Beechraft B60 Duke - basic specifications:

registration: SP-DDD

lenght - 10m (33ft)

wingspan - 12m (39ft)

height - 3,8m (12ft)

empty weight - 1987kg (4380lb)

max. take-off weight - 3073kg (6775lb)

service ceiling - 30000ft (9144m)

cruise speed - 220kts (254mph)

range fully loaded - 1100nm (2000km)

passengers - up to 5


Our Beechcraft B60 was produced in the last series of B60s in 1982. It was privately used in United States and than transported to Europe in 2009. It is included in our fleet since October 2009 with a Polish registration SP-DDD (Sierra Papa - Triple Delta).


Boeing 737-900ER DDAT - basic specifications:

registration: SP-DDS

lenght - 42m (138ft)

wingspan - 36m (117ft)

height - 12m (41ft)

empty weight - 44t (98400lb)

max. take-off weight - 85t (187000lb)

service ceiling - 41000ft (12500m)

cruise speed - 0,78Ma (511mph, 823km/h)

max speed - 0,82Ma

range fully loaded - 3400nm (6300km) - with two extra fuel tanks installed

max. fuel capacity - 26,6t (7837 US gal) - standard ER with no extra tanks

max. thrust (two engines) - 25t (54600lb)

passengers - 40, all seats in first class standard

cargo - up to 16 tons (rear of the aircraft)


Our aircraft, with Polish registration SP-DDS, is a specially reconfigured version of Boeing 737-900ER - the largest variant of 737 produced by Boeing. Our version is able to board 40 passengers in a first class luxury standard and up to 16 tons of cargo in the rear of the plane. A specially designed loading system ensures a good balance of the aircraft and a safe transport of various-sized cargo up to 6300km (3400 nautical miles). Drzewiecki Design Air Transport's Boeing 737-900ER was painted according to our own design. The paintscheme on the left shows some elements of "Aztec Airways" airline we have cooperated with. There was also an interesting "event" paintsheme designed specifically for the World Flight 2009, showing all the continents we flew over. You can see this paintsheme on the event's webpage here: LINK .