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Commercial use of our products


Drzewiecki Design products are sold with licences which do not grant a permission for any commercial use. In order to use our products on commercial platforms (no matter if for entertainment or for flight training) a commercial licence must be purchased and an agreement must be signed by both parties. If these requirements are not met, using our software on any commercial platforms is not legal.


The price of a single commercial licence per one product per one station varies from 100 euros to 1000 euros. The price depends on what type of a commercial activity the platform is used for. A license for an entertainment, multi-vehicle simulator intended for kids would require a cheaper licence than a professional, FAA certified platform used for flight training.


In some individual cases it is possible to establish a barter agreement if the commercial customer is able to provide enough promotion and adverticement for our company. Our requirements in such cases include free flight hours on the sim for us and some of our customers, placing our logo on the sim etc.


Each commercial agreement is constructed individually. To get more information please contact us directly:




Individual orders of scenery related products


Individual orders of customer-defined, flight simulator scenery-related products can be made. Our products can be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Dovetail Games Flight Sim World, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (all versions) or Laminar Research X-Plane 10/11. We are able to create 3D models of any parts of the real world - from tiny airstrips to huge metropolitan areas with thousands of photorealistic buildings and several large airports.


Thanks to advanced modeling and graphic technologies, detailed satellite data, large photographic resources and our specialized programming techniques, we can achieve exceptionally realistic renderings of parts of the real world in flight simulators. With our products not only is IFR local procedure training possible, but also detailed familiarization with airport layouts and even VFR training with all, perfectly recognizable, distinctive ground objects. We provide leading solutions on the market and our products are used in professional flight training on FAA/EASA certified platforms.


Prices of customer-defined products depend of the amount of detail required. Usually the prices are around 10.000 euros per month of work. A price of a small airstrip would be around 1000 euros (we rarely work on this type of projects though) while huge metropolian areas or large, complex military/commercial airports would cost 20.000-60.000 euros. All prices are calculated individually.


Please take into account that we work on various projects all the time and we plan our next releases 2-3 years ahead. Although developing a small airfield might take 1-2 weeks, producing a model of a large airport or a city can take over 6 months. For more info please contact us at: