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Drzewiecki Design Home Cockpit Version 3




Drzewiecki Design Home Cockpit System Version 3

Construction start: October 2009

Construction finish: February 2010



New PC

Sound and network

Visual system


Unfortunately every new home cockpit construction starts with demolishing the previous cockpit in my case... This time it was the same. The decision came quite suddenly - one day I entered the cockpit and realised that my MCP from GF does not work at all. That was a bad surprice. During the previous day there was a heavy storm around so probably a lightning striked somewhere near and caused the damage. I took the panel to a computer hardware store where it was opened and tested. Some heavy burns inside the panel were reported so actually the only possibility was to send it back to GoFlight and ask for repairs. When taking the panel out of the glareshield I actually had to demolish the whole structure of the glareshield (remember it was made from cardboard). I finally decided to sell the rest of the hardware (GF panels, monitors etc) and invest into a new PC that would be able to handle FSX. I am also into scenery designing (check Products) so I needed a good computer for that purpose too. Anyway I sold all hardware I could take out of the cockpit and left the cabin itself in its place. It flew "around the world" three times so it is like a little museum for me now! There is also still a lot of hardware like switches and wires that might be useful sometime.



I have started to build the new cockpit from ordering a brand new PC. Here are some pictures of it and basic specifications:


Processor: Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition i7-965 / 3.2 GHz
Graphics: 2x ASUS Radeon HD4870 1024MB DDR5 256BIT
RAM: Corsair DDR3 3x2GB 1600MHz CL9 XMS3
Main board: ASUS Rampage II Extreme IX58 LGA1366
Hard drive: Seagate 1TB
Power unit: Corsair CMPSU-850TXEU ATX 850W


It is very well cooled so high temperature is not a problem. This new PC allowed me to finally switch to FSX. I have also changed my airplane - from B739 to B60 (Beechcraft Duke from RealAir).



Let me write you couple words about sound system I have used here. I have decided not to use speakers at all, only a headset. To do so I had to mix a sound from FS PC and Client PC - all simulation sounds from FS PC and all ATC/FSInn sounds from Client PC. I used a simple karaoke hardware visible on the left photo (a small silver box). It allows to mix one path of music with another two input mic paths. I used the music path for FS sounds (thanks to that I've got a stereo sound there) and a mic input for ATC sound from Client PC.

On the right photo there is a some new hardware too - keyboard, joystick and switch panel from Saitek and Logitech's mouse. I am planning to put there Saitek's radio panel, AP panel and two Pro Flight Instrument Panels (they display various flight instruments like compass, altimeter, attitude indicator etc).



Visual system consists of: 3x 26" monitors by IIYAMA and one 23" monitor by Samsung used by the Client PC. Iiyamas are connected to the FS PC and display a view from a virtual cockpit - the field of view is 190º.



Here is a picture af a fully finished new cockpit during a flight: